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03-05-2012, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
That's pretty odd logic. By that logic it's not DW's fault, it's the owners fault for hiring DW. Or maybe it's Gary Bettmans fault!

DW is not a fortune teller, I have no issues with his hiring of Todd. Hiring a coach is always a gamble, and Todd seemed liked a good gamble at the time, it simply hasn't worked out. I dont even blame him for not firing up until now, but it is time.

I don't blame him for White. That was a bargain you just could not turn down. No one could have known how poorly White would play, he's been consistent as hell throughout his career.

I don't blame him too much for Handzus. He had the right idea (solid 3rd line center who can Pk, who can take faceoffs and play solid two-way minutes) but Handzus has just totally fallen on his face this season with no real explanation as to why (could be coaching...).

He's made some dumb moves, like the Wallin trade, but he's never done something totally stupid. A lot of his bad signings can be attributed to a lack of options (people not wanting to play here). He's put together a competitive team year after year, he won't be fired, and shouldn't be. I would say he's actually improving as well.
White was foreseeable. He needed the talk with Lou; it wasn't a trade where Lou had an interest in hiding assessments. A buyout in itself is a pretty damning assessment, no GM does so lightly.

I would look at both of DW and TM for the paradigm for veteran 6th defenseman. They have gone for it and failed twice (White and Wallin). I actually think it may be TM who seems to emphasize maturity in the lineup. TM doesn't have final say but does have input.

I do question the reliance on vets in the win now approach. Almost all winners have younger "from within" players in the lower part of lineup. And, TM doesn't seem to emphasize the development of those guys. It could be an issue of the skill/development of those guys who DW has drafted or acquired. That isn't to say there shouldn't be some vet lower line players, but we can all see that the Sharks are far behind others in coming up with promising lower line players recently. TM may be in Detroit mode with regards those players, but the org is not a position to go Detroit mode with long development times.

Handzus was an issue that was partly foreseeable. It was a difference in systems with LA. TM needs speed to optimize his system. LA didn't. Handzus was a purely defensive guy who got some second line and PP time. Close analysis would have revealed that as it would have revealed a middling record for PK despite the minutes.

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