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03-05-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
1) this will be tied up in courts for years. I don't expect this to come to an end till at least 2016.
2) if by 2016 the Wilpons lose & they have to pay & are forced to sell the team, odds are they'll drag that out for a few years also.
3) Wang can invest 20 million right now & get 4% of the Mets. but all that does is help to keep the Wilpons afloat in the meantime.

4) if Wang had an interest in buying the land next to Citi & building, then he should have put in a bid for the Willets Point Project. But he didn't, so he likely has no interest in moving to Queens unless someone builds an arena for him. It should be clear to all of us. Wang doesn't just want a team/arena. He wants a team/arena & a whole bunch of other real estate. If he wanted just an arena, it would have been built a decade ago.
I dont see Bud Selig staying quiet for long, look what he did with the Dodgers. He came right out and took the team away from the owner.

I agree that Wang wants more but if he proposed something NOW and spent 20 million on the Mets then you will see Queens County and Mike Bloomberg bend over backwards to ensure that the Willets Project goes through. They will rubber stamp every demand!!

They play in Brooklyn from 2015 until completion. if he chose, Can he sell the rights to a developer in Nassau? Lets say if a group wants the land NOW and wont wait till 2015, can they offer him $$$

How does that work?

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