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03-05-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
At the very least, Carter and Richards look phenomenal together. We've really lucked out at getting them both on this team, at once, in their primes, locked up long term reasonably.

The best part of this goal is where he was standing the entire time before he finally got the shot. He's not Holmstrom in this clip, but he spent more time in front of the goalie here than Penner has in a game.

Or in a month at some points.

Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I enjoy seeing both sides of the argument, that's the point of these places but when people take swipes at guys like PSP I honestly don't get it-the guy has been right much more than any of the Positive Pete's have, they just haven't finished Kings conditioning yet.
I don't think people are saying he's right or wrong really, PSP knows I've taken a shot at him from time to time too. What bugs me about guys like PSP and Herby (just naming a few off the top of my head, not trying to single people out here) is the constant negativity and lack of positives. We aren't the greatest team, I get it, and we are having a down year, so this team and the players have earned some of the anger I see. But we aren't cheering for frickin' Columbus here guys, yet the negative Nancy's make it sound that way. I don't know how many times I've heard from some posters things like "why bother, we'll never win a cup," or "Unfortunately, I'm a Kings fan." It's stuff like that that gets on people nerves, but it really pisses people off when those people who say those things can't bother to show up when we win some games and look good. I've pointed out a few times how when we lose, there's 200+ posts in the PGT at times, many about how we suck, this player sucks, that player sucks, DL sucks, DS sucks, Bailey sucks, Big Mouth Barry should be the next GM and how anyone who pays to watch this team is more retarded than a ****-eyed spider monkey. When we win though, there's about 1/2 to 1/3rd as many posts, and even those are partially critical and along the lines off "We won, but we sure were lucky."

Hate to break it to people, but we have a team which is about 90% of the way to being a cup contending team, and if we work out the few kinks we have (get one more good top six winger, add some skill to the third/fourth line and get more offense out of our system) we could easily be a cup threat for several years. We really aren't that far off, but some posters can only point out the negative.

And sorry, I don't believe that PSP or anyone else has been right much more than the rest of the people on these boards have been about things over the years. Everyone hits something on the head, we all have opinions and they will be right from time to time.

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