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03-05-2012, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by flyers1975fan View Post
Well, the problem is that the Flyers need to resign 5 people (Jagry, Voracek, Carle, Kubina, Grossman) and only have the cap space for 4.

Most people are convinced Carle is going to be back by unpopular demand. It seems unlikely they'll let Grossman and Kubina walk with how solid they've been. It doesn't make sense to let Voracek go when he has major potential.

So it just comes down to the fact that Jagr seems like the odd man out, even if its for reasons the fans don't agree with.
If they re-sign Carle and Grossman, it will mean very little cash left for Kubina - and if they sign him too, it means that Gus and Bourdon will probably have to be dealt (Anyone know their status re: waivers next year?) and would be wasted at 8 and 9 (with Lilja back as 7D).

Let's see how the whole year and playoffs play out. If I had to prioritize, I'd say Jagr will be a higher priority than Kubina, but there are a lot of ifs.

After last offseason, I don't think we can speculate what's going on in the boardroom, or who else might get traded before the draft....

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