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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
I gotta agree with Tonellisghost ... just because you're a LONG time suffering Kings fan does NOT mean you give in to the Dark side of Pessimism. I've been a fan since 1980 and I'm pushing 44 yrs old, so I'm not far off from the PSP level, yet here I am still doing GDT's because I love this team and want them to win every game ... it's the childish reactions of the fan base that upset me more than if the team itself loses a game. I can take that my team will lose a game from time to time, may not make the playoffs every year, but but how can someone claim to be a "FAN" of the team and have nothing but bad hate filled things to say about them, and take more pleasure in coming on here and say "SEE I told you they'd lose" than if the team could maybe actually win the cup. Something is wrong with your makeup if you're that type of person IMO ... and note I am NOT saying PSP or anyone else IS said type. I agree with Tonellisghost again in that PSP is just as much a fan as most if not more so, because of the fact that he IS still here, IS still a FAN, does still WANT this team to WIN after 40+ years of disappointing heartbreaks.

Anyways ... I sound like a rambling old man myself now, so I'll stop and just shout GO KINGS GO !!!
You are however the most positive person on this board. You are a special case.

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