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03-05-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by yankeeking View Post
"And sorry, I don't believe that PSP or anyone else has been right much more than the rest of the people on these boards have been about things over the years. Everyone hits something on the head, we all have opinions and they will be right from time to time."partial kingsfan repost

there is a difference from saying your wrong with regards to opinion and there is wrong in saying your wrong because you won't buy into the same stuff we have been promised for decades without getting some results first, Fact is we ARE in year six of the rebuild that had a five year plan and for awhile it looked like rebuilds under the maguire's ,the sam the disater mcmaster, and unfourtunately under taylor where we would get kids and then send them off to save jobs not better the teams so if you have lived thru that and still to this day come back and buy seats and live and die with the team you do get the right to offer your opinion either pos. or neg.without having to take grief over it, save that crap for trolling the ducks or canuks board,(just kidding mods. I have leaned my lesson since the last probation lol)
This is pretty much what I was saying as well.

The point is that all of us are entitled to or at least allowed to offer our opinions. I contend that we should deal with each other with more respect then happens from time to time only because we are all Kings fans and whether you are bashing the team or extolling their better virtues, we are all supposed to be live and die for the same team types and as such, should be expected to give and receive a certain amount of respect. It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree with each other, we should remember that we are all fans of the same team when debating.

I don't think it matters if you buy seats for the team currently or have in the past in regards to posting here. To me what matters the most is that we remember that we are all Kings fans and as such should afford each other with so much respect rather then attacking the poster when you disagree with the message.

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