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03-05-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by jeff spicoli View Post
I have a question for you guys in the upper bowl. When I called my rep to voice my displeasure with being moved off of the aisle to the middle of the section, I was told it was to give me the same "sightline". New locations were all about "sightline"; tenure wasn't a factor. She went on to tell me that when they did the survey before reconfiguring the lower bowl, they found that more people were more concerned with maintaining their "sightline" than being on an aisle.

Here's my question. Did I miss a similar survey for the upper bowl? I know they sent out something about continuing to sit next to your current neighbor, but did they send out any other kind of survey about seating preferences? I don't remember seeing one.
When we were moved last year from section 219 isle seats we were moved over to section 111 row 15 on the isle where the sightlines are not as good but the price only went from 95 to 100 ticket from this season and we were way closer to the ice. The seat in front of us is row 111 row 14 is $41 dollars more next year as we are $114 (14% increase) and the seat across the isle is $56 dollars more per game. Those seats do have some additional leg room...but our rep told us that we were given those seats partly because we are 30 + year season ticket holders. I dont know if that is true or not but just saying that you will get different stories from different reps. I want to move to sections 210, 211, 212 rows 3-7 as those are $73 a game and are center ice so I am going to give my rep a call and see if we could switch although I know they will try to have us stay. If we stay I can see myself priced out of the tickets in a few years. Good luck to everybody on trying to get the seats they want as the people on this board are the true ranger fans

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