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03-05-2012, 04:03 PM
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Dude... please let's not waste time on that red herring

We're talking about Markov here and we're sitting in 3rd last place. We're already there. And since we're already there more victories mean zero.

You keep talking to me about the bigger picture... take your own advice.

If we move up in the standings and miss out on the picks we'd otherwise get it hurts us for years. Forget about me and your perceptions of me and my so-called 'tanking' strategy... none of that matters here.

What matters now is that we're sitting way outside the playoffs with a legit chance at getting a top three pick. Getting that pick is more important than anything to do with Markov. Sorry but that's the truth.

Stop digging your heels in and think about it.
I'm sorry man you are wrong. Markov is a part of the team, they need to know how to perform, you don't sit out a player because he might threaten your tank.

Markov will play when ready and it will be the right decision because having a healthy Markov is important for the team in the long-term and this needs to be known as soon as possible so the habs can act accordingly.

There's probably a better chance the habs don't pick a superstar with their pick then moving up in standings enough to lose out on one.

Let's stop playing Price while we're at it, as well as Desharnais, Pacioretty and Cole. This is ridiculous.

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