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03-05-2012, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by GeneralManager View Post
I can "cherry pick" way more than that if you want.
Sure, go ahead. It's not going to carry any more weight than your other post did.

Originally Posted by GeneralManager View Post
The point is simple if the Habs are dead set on getting someone they will get that player. We have shown in the past that we will move assets to get the player we want. We are in a position to draft a good player regardless of how good markov plays...and quite frankly its pretty unrealistic to think you'll see a drastic overhaul of the teams performance costing us a top 5 pick.
No we haven't.

We've gotten one top five pick in 25 years and it came via the lottery. So I'm not sure what makes you think that we can suddenly do this now without having that draft position to begin with.
Originally Posted by GeneralManager View Post
You were SO pessimistic during the "BELIEVE" threads being so adamant that we would have no chance to leap frog all the teams to get into the playoffs...but now you're thinking with Andrei Markov he can now leap frog us out of the lottery? Hypocrisy?

Dude, fact of the matter is that we're sitting here two points behind Carolina and aren't far behind the Islanders. We're close to the Oilers as well and we play ALL these teams.

Absolutely we could pass them.
Originally Posted by GeneralManager View Post
blah blah blah, i'm a Timmins fan...but he's not perfect...nobody is. But what is this jargon about Fischer not being his boy? He's a tall lanky american dman, seems pretty Timmins-like to me!
I'm sorry but this post is flat out stupid. There's absolutely no benefit to having a lower pick. None. All that happens there is that you give other teams the benefit of picking in front of you.

Nobody said Timmins was perfect. But to sit there and try to insinuate that we'd be better off with a lower pick makes no sense.

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