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Stand up for yourself. Most people (especially kids) are all talk. I bet he wouldn't even fight you.

Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I guess it's different in the States and in Canada. In Canada most house leagues are non-contact at all ages. Contact hockey is mostly reserved for travel teams/teams that you have to try out for, house league is the equivalent of beer league for kids high school age and under. No tryouts (anyone who signs up in time can play), all games at one rink, kids divided to try to make teams as even as possible, and generally no contact. This is the case in big cities, at least, I have heard that that in rural areas it's more common to find house leagues that are more competitive, and more often full contact, but in cities most house leagues are low level, relaxed, non-contact hockey regardless of the age. In Ontario I believe contact was recently banned for all house leagues, but most of them were non-contact anyways before the ban.

What? Hitting is allowed in all Canadian minor hockey leagues at the start of peewee (12-13) or bantam (14-15) as far as I know unless it is specifically a no contact league, and house league does have tryouts. In Alberta hitting starts at peewee and tryouts start in novice for house league.

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