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Originally Posted by SwedeSpeedBackstrom View Post
I am planning a summer vacation and taking Helsinki into account. Can someone tell me how accessible St. Petersburg and Stockholm are from Helsinki and if I want to visit all 3 how long should I plan on spending in Europe?
Both Stockholm and St. Petersburg are very accessible from Helsinki.

There are several overnight ferry lines to Stockholm from Helsinki and naturally flights as well. Also, there is no special visa required for anybody who travels between Finland and Sweden, regardless of nationality. So getting to Stockholm is very easy and can be done in about 12 hours or less.

If we are to consider raw travel alone, getting to St. Petersburg isn't much more difficult. There is a ferry line with at least one tour a day and also a very speedy train line between Helsinki and St. Petersburg that will take less than 4 hours to reach from one city to another.

However, what comes to visas, the train and any flights will require a visa to enter Russia from Finland. The ferry line is an exempt, it's visa-free as long as the visitor stays in-country for less than 72 hours. It is of course recommendable to have your papers in order regardless when heading to Russia - it'll skip you a lot of on-site bureaucracy.

As stated, between Stockholm and Helsinki however the red tape is pretty much nonexistent. Save for the language spoken, it's practically like you haven't changed countries at all.

Of course there's a lot to see in all the cities so it's up to you how long you wish to stay, but if you take care of your papers beforehand, technically all three can be visited in less than a week.

Useful links in English:
Two most common ferry lines operating between Helsinki and Stockholm - and

The train express line operating between Helsinki and St. Petersburg -
One ferry line between Helsinki and St. Petersburg -

Hope these help.

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