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03-05-2012, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by RyanWhite53 View Post
I'll NEVER be ashamed to be a Habs fan because of the performance on the ice. Disappointed? hell yes. But, I'm a Habs fan through and through, as long as I knew what hockey was, I loved the Habs. I guess that's where we are different.

Feel free to cheer for someone else. Judging by your attitude in this thread, while spouting the same lines through out, not acknowledging if people have good points arguing the other side. We won't miss ya.

The season is done, regardless of where we finish, we will be drafting in the best position we've had in 7 years, not to mention the 2nd's we stockpiled, so we have ample opportunity to move up.

Markov will do nothing but at least lift the spirits of the fans, well I guess "most" fans.
Originally Posted by RyanWhite53 View Post
I'm ashamed as a habs fan.
Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
Markov won't make that much of a difference. There's what, 16 games left? We went 4-1 and made up, what, 2 points? We're 4 points behind Carolina if they win their game in hand. A comeback is IMPOSSIBLE. According to, we have a 0% chance of making 8th and a 1% chance of making 10th. Give it up lol

He's not going to reverse the tank.
No, but some teams could pass us. Carolina, Isles...

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