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03-05-2012, 08:40 PM
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This game has been my introduction to the Elder Scrolls series. It took me until my third character to realize I needed to unlock the shouts to use them lol. I was playing in front of my friend and was like I wonder when I'll get to use these other shouts they look pretty cool! He just looked at me in disbelief. I have bad eyesight so I didn't really notice the square at the bottom that said "unlock".

I've really been enjoying this game since I got it my biggest problem though is that the main quest line is too short also I freakin' hate Dwemer ruins. My favorite toons so far have been a sneaking archer thief combo and destro/resto mage. I thought two handed warrior was way OP, fun but not really a challenge. Any other combos I should look into?

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