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Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
From what I understand, you can watch your DVR from your phone or a computer. You can watch the gane the next day while getting lunch without commercials.
Next day?!?! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!!

As for the debate about negativity, hats off to those long-time fans who somehow stay positive. I honestly think that it's not so much negativity but just reality: if you've seen the show before then you know how it ends. The negative posters are "right" more often than not because it's the LA Kings we are talking about here. You aren't going out on a limb by predicting doom and gloom for this franchise as 40 years of futility is more than just a trend. When this team finally does win a Cup, it will be the optimists that get to say "I told you so" and all of the naysayers will be more than happy to eat crow.

I've been a fan since '88 but I was only 8 years old and hockey took a backseat to the NBA and NFL. I wasn't a watch-every-game guy until '96-97 so I cut my teeth and the can't miss group of Jamie Storr, Pavel Rosa, Josh Green, Andrei Shefer, Alex Volkov, Matt Zultek etc... I still get excited about prospects but not as much as I used to because it is an excercise in futility.

Basically, if you've been a Kings fan for 20 years then you know **** when you see it. Lombardi may have just pulled his ass out of the fire by acquiring one of the few legitimately talented offensive players in this league who would love to come to LA in Carter. Hell, if Carter was a UFA this Summer, he would probably be the first big-ticket UFA to ever sign here just to be back with his wingman. Luckily for DL, the perfect situation presented itself with the Carter/Columbus fiasco. It was obvious to everyone that it was a good fit but I'll give him credit for making it happen.

I'm excited to have an honest-to-God goal scorer on this team, something it hasn't had since Cammalleri and something it hasn't had on a halfway decent team since Palffy. The guy has had at least 2 breakaways in only 4 games which already puts him amongst the leaders on this team in breakaway attempts. It's just icing on the cake that all of the stats and how the team has played since the trade point to the fact that Jack Johnson was a hinderance moreso than a positive. The sample size is small so far but, in a season where scoring once in a game is not a given, it's hard to ignore 13 goals in four games.

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