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03-05-2012, 09:02 PM
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Nothing. Nothing to do, no park, no entertainment for the kids... It will be a hard trip for your family...

I haven't been there in ages. Assiniboine park is interesting, though I'm not sure what it's like in April. Going over what I used to do there when I visited (was a kid at the time), it was mostly a regimen of community centre playground visits, Tinkertown, Zoo trips, and a week at Hillside Beach. Although, I suspect that's not the sort of thing you want to do anyways.
I don't live there, but the zoo and Cathedral suggestions are good. You could check out the Forks to say you've been there (I forget what's there now, a market?). They have a bison farm a ways out where you can see bison and eat bison burgers afterward. It's probably not that easy to get to. It's an interesting time for construction though. They're building a giant museum at the forks (oooh I forgot, they have a train museum), a new stadium for the Blue Bombers on the fringes, and AND if you stay long enough..... there will be.... wait for it... a few kilometres of rapid transit!!:high clap: haha

Anyways, there's always the Legislative Building to tour, and a revolving restaurant somewhere (though I haven't heard raving reviews, look into that before going). I'm not sure what that time of year is like, but they might be opening the floodway, which is usually cool to watch.

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