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Chirping was such an important part of the game when I was younger and playing serious hockey. I was not that good at it so I just enjoyed listening to team mates who had good chirps. If I wanted to get under someones skin I would grab their stick for a few seconds away from the play and it would always draw a slash or punch.

When I was coaching high school kids from the wealthier private schools would always chirp that my players would be working for them in 10 years and one time one of my kids responded that he would be robbing the guy blind and his wife.

Now i play inline and there is next to no chirping. It is almost too polite. The best chirp I have heard was when I lining up for the opening face-off a few sessions back and a guy I do not normally play with asked me which side I wanted to play and the ref just laughed and pointed to the other team's goal and said "He will be playing that side."

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