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03-05-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingsfan1 View Post
I see alot of people who have LA Kings hats at GCC , I've asked them most knew who the Kings were but best answer I got from someone who im pretty sure knew nothen was from a Hispanic guy which was "oh the hockey team right ?" Ya im a fan lol and some admitted to having it cause it's cool and pimp lol funny ppl
I live in LA and I don't see too many people with Kings stuff on, just tons of Dodgers and Lakers stuff. I did see an old dude in a Wings sweater and hat at the Grove last Thursday and he looked really out of place, lol.

When I visited the NHL store in NYC I saw a dude putting on a Kings hat. I was about to strike up a conversation with him but he quickly put it back and then tried on a hat for another team. It turned out that he was just looking for a cool logo. So lame. I don't get people who wear stuff from teams that they know nothing about.

This brings me to my point that while a lot of people on here don't share the same opinions, at least we all root for the same team. That's got to count for something, especially when they could have jumped ship to the _ucks in 2007.

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