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03-05-2012, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It's not a one year rebuild man... not unless we're just going for the playoffs.

Way too much has to go right for it to happen quickly.

- Markov is a crapshoot. We should plan around him being hurt. Anything from him is bonus.
- Gionta probably should be shipped out. He's not going to do anything for this team with the state we're in.
- The top draft pick (which you are right we are finally getting) probably shouldn't play next year.

We've got huge holes everywhere on this team and we'd be smart to take our time addressing them. What's probably going to happen though is we'll go for quick fixes (again) in the free agent market and hope for the best.

- Subban is developing at his own pace. He could break out or not. He'll be great in the future but it's too soon to expect him to be an All-star. He's getting there though.

- DD is playing well and putting up numbers in large part because he's with Pacman. Pac looks like he could actually become a 40 goal man. He's produced with everyone he's been with. DD is creative but folks are overrating this guy. He needs to be sandwiched between bigger players to be effective.

- Eller is a stud in the making? I don't see it. Maybe he'll be a 2nd or 3rd liner based on what I've seen. Maybe you and I have different definitions of what 'stud' means. When I think 'stud' I think of Subban, Price or Pac. Eller doesn't come to mind.

We've got some stuff to build around and the top pick will help for sure. But we're a long ways away from competing for a cup. It's a crapshoot as to what happens with us next year. I'm sure we'll make more quick fix moves and go from there.
I am so glad your not our GM. You would make PG look like a god!. Why are you discrediting DD? If anything he is making Paches look good with his great vision and tape to tape passes in traffic. Its so funny if DD was 6ft2 he would be the next superstar. Instead he only looks good when he's with big wingers. Give me a break.

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