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03-05-2012, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Commandant View Post
Real TEAM toughness isnt brought by one guy. Its brought by a team full of guys who are close and willing to stand up for each other.

Its more about mentality than any one guy you add.
thing is that adding "one guy" can go a long LONG way to affecting the mentality of the other guys...

if every guy feels even 1% "tougher" because he knows he has the support of a a guy with the fists to hold the other teams tough guys accountable, then all of a sudden the whole team's toughness "quotient" improves by a large margin.

I dislike fighting, and hate having a pure "goon" in the lineup... but unless you have several seriously "tough" players sprinkled throughout the lineup ("tough" in the physically imposing sense, not in the "gionta is "tough" b/c he goes to the tough areas despite his size b.s), in the current NHL, having an enforcer type is almost a necessity.

when you're defense features:

with only Subban, Gorges & Emelin to complement them, you have a serious lack of toughness that needs a "staubitz" type in the lineup to keep the Mike Brown's of the world a little more in check & to give the rest of the guys a little more confidence sticking up for themselves, knowing a guy with the actual toughness to back it up is backing them up.

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