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03-06-2012, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
its sad when fans get so emotionally attached to the team or individual players that they lose sight of the fundamental reality... this is a business. Pure and simple.

"longest tenured"

there is no such thing as "loyalty". Best a team/GM can do is treat players honestly (something the habs have notoriously not done) and with respect (again, a weakness for this management team). Otherwise, it is rightfully-so a "what have you done for me lately/what will you likely do for me soon" business.

Good teams operate with a firm grip on that, and navigate the business of managing assets in a way that allows the team to improve &/or compete at a high level.

our management team has failed miserably at this, but now were supposed to support them for showing "loyalty" to a long-tenured vet???

where was the "loyalty" to Gorges last summer? nope, none there... take a 1-year deal buddy, then we'll talk".

oh shoot, he was as good as the hfboards posters "thought he was"... now we gotta pay him a bigger cap premium b/c we didn't show enough foresight, or any "loyalty", when we had a chance...

unbelievable how narrow the blinders are on some posters... thank god for the ignore function!!!
It shocks me how these guys can sit here and actually accuse me of being narrow minded and then turn around with posts like that.

Seriously.. who gives a crap about Markov's tenure? The guy hasn't played for us in two freaking years and we've continuously planned around the assumption that he'd be here. It's completely screwed up this team and now it's the end of the world if we don't play him? Give me a break man. When are these guys going to understand that the team is bigger than the individual? Markov can play in the Worlds. We can assess him there... but even if we couldn't I don't give a crap.

This is a wasted year. Getting a top pick is far more important to the future of this team than Markov is. I know it's hard for folks like Budda (who perpetually overrate this team) to understand but there's absolutely no reason to bring this guy back right now.

The silliness in this thread is unreal. I've heard guys argue that it makes no difference if we get lower picks vs. a top 3. I've heard guys put Markov's feelings above the well being of the team. And I've heard guys try to change the topic to ideology...

Bottom line is that a top pick would greatly benefit this team. We can't ignore this. With the lost season we've had coming out of this year without a top five pick would be absolutely pointless.

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