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Originally Posted by whiplash

No, not really. Your best bet is to just slaughter everyone in the town.

OK, that was totally a lie too. Just pay the bounty or if you can't, go to jail and be bored or break out. To be honest I've never been arrested as I'm not a thief and if I get a bounty I just kill all the witnesses, I'm just offering advice based on heresay really

edit: and the reason the guard attacked you was you accidentally hit him during the fight with the dragon. It's ****ing annoying but it happens sometimes. Actually, if the bounty is 1000 that means you killed someone... ****ing murderer! The police are on their way. Surrender yourself at the tree in Edmonton
Yea that guard that attacked me, he had it coming. Ad if the rest of Riften has a problem with it then JUST BRING IT!

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight
You can just sleep your sentence off if you go to jail, just don't ever pay the fine. It's unnecessary, really.

If you're in the middle of doing a mission then it's probably best to just run away after saying, " you'll never take me alive! " or w/e speech option it is.
But won't waiting in prison lower my stats like in Oblivion?

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