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Originally Posted by Duckstudd269 View Post
What I'd do:

Objective number one: address 2nd line center spot. Be aggressive at the draft, and, if necessary, FA. Personally I'd go after Grabo's rights.

Let walk:
Ellis (unless he takes a major discount)

Sign Grabovski to 5 year 22.5 million contract (6,4.5,4.5,4.5,3)

Sign Penner to 1 year 1.5 million contract (not a big fan of this, but the lack of suitors available to play with Getz and Perry make it worth the risk IMO)

Sign backup goalie for 850k. Not sure who's available, but I think that's the max we can spend since we are going to have to eat JDD's contract in the minors.

Sign Schultz to his rookie contract 850k is my guess on $$$.

Koivu (1yr, 2 million)
Selanne(1yr, 3 million) If he chooses to return, allow him all the time he wants
Parros(1yr, 700k)
Bonino(1yr, 700k)
Brookbank(1yr 825k)

Potential lineup:

Prospect (Palmeiri/Etem)(.900)-Koivu(2.0)-Selanne(3.0)



JDD(.625)-Will be in the minors (where are the ones who gave me **** for signing him to this 1 way deal now?)

Total:55.5 million

I think this lineup is a contender personally. It also allows the prospects to earn their spot and not rush any of them. This lineup also is able to run 4 lines consistently. Would love to shed Sexton and JDD's contracts, but I honestly don't see any takers.

What I think next year's lineup will look like:

Penner(Murray type of signing)-Getzlaf-Perry

same defense

I see no reason in letting Blake and Hagman walk. If they are going to accept big money elsewhere, fine, let them walk. But for 1-1.5 mil apiece, they can definitely fill in roles on this team. Even if its 3rd line.

Lets assume Koivu and Selanne are gone.

Penner for 1.5 mil? I highly doubt he goes that cheap. I don't know if many teams in the league wouldn't risk 1.5 mil on a guy who could potentially put up 20-30 goals. I do like the idea of giving Penner a shot on a cheapy contract... however... I just don't see him going below 3 mil or so.

You're signing Grabovski to an odd deal... why would he start at 6 and drop to 3 over 5 years? He'll be like 33 by the time he's earning 3 mil a year. Why would it not just be an even 4.5 per year? Its not like he's on a super long deal and we are trying to sneak below the cap... Will he sign for 4.5/year? He seems like a nice enough fellow for 4.5 tho. I'm sold.

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