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Originally Posted by Disclose View Post
is there a way to take off the heat-pressed numbers?
i have a black third i bought with hossa in the back.
i know the sens store can add the old fonts/letters, but can they remove the number first? or will the stitched numbers hide it well?
Are you talking about heat pressed VINYL numbers?

If so, I have had some success before with a product called "GOOF OFF", available at most hardware stores (Home Depot). However, I really, really stress that things can go awry very quickly with that product. There's a chance you can ruin the jersey, and it's not a small chance.

Things to know when using Goof Off on a jersey:
1) You night ruin your jersey by bleeding the colors. DO NOT USE ON A NEW RBK JERSEY, the colors will DEFINITELY run. Only use on old CCM/Koho jerseys, and even then, test it on the inside hem to be sure the color won't run.

2) Goof Off smells like you painted your entire house in lacquer. Only use in a well ventilated area, and only with gloves. Your jersey will also stink too high heavens, so it'll need a wash (or two) afterwards.
(protip: never EVER tumble dry your jerseys: wash in cold water, then hang dry them)

3) it will take a LOT of hard work/scrubbing to get the vinyl off, and even then it might not work.

All in all, if it's a jersey you value at all, you might not want to risk it. I've re-claimed some jerseys with vinyl on them, but I've also ruined a few (although they're usually just cheap jersey's I've found around town, so no big loss).

(Vinyl heat press numbers are frigging terrible).

As for heat-pressed TWILL numbers... man, good luck. The glue on those suckers can sometimes be too much for even the strongest paint thinners. If it's heat-pressed twill, just live with the fact that you have a Hossa jersey. You are guaranteed, GUARANTEED going to do irreversible damage to it. Trust me. In many cases, the glue is just too much of a SOB to work with.

It could be worse: you could have a Bryan McCabe Leafs jersey.
(What? Too soon?)

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