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03-06-2012, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by sens4life View Post
Well done Team 1200, to take the message boards and completely trash them on radio this morning....

You guys are completely should be engaging with people here...not everyone "spews hateful venom". ...and I don't hide behind my username. Far from it. I've emailed the Team and JR most recently 2-3 weeks ago, only to have a defensive JR. I wasn't going to post his response, but after the attack JR and Steve had on message boards this morning, i'm really tempted to, just to show you how much JR isn't even willing to *listen* to people that take the time to write in with opinions on how to make the Team1200 better.
That's sad, it's really getting frustrating especially when your in the car for 30-40 mins every morning and simply trying to get a rundown of the previous nights scores but all you get is lame contests, various soundbites, last nights non sports related tv take etc...i feel a shakeup is coming!

Complete side note and couldn't find a thread to post in , anyone hear of an upcoming ottawa sun re-org??? I was reading rumours they may be cleaning house at that clown college?

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