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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
I always wondered why they didn't build that thing out in the 'burbs, you know - where people actually live and want to go in Atlanta.

I go to about 4-5 Braves games a year, and I can't believe how crappy downtown Atlanta is. If you even want to brave the traffic nightmare, you go down there, it's the middle of the ghetto. There's nothing to do but the game, then you get the heck out of dodge before the cops leave the area. Public transportation is gawd-awful.

I've worked in just about ever major city east of about Denver, and Atlanta, by far, has the most inhospitable and crappy downtown of any of them. Why the heck anyone would want to build an arena right there - I don't know. It's doomed to fail. If the Braves/Hawks weren't part of the fabric of their leagues (not expansion teams), they'd be long gone too.

I'm sure this has been hashed out repeatedly. It just boggles the mind how many poor choices went into Atlanta not having it's hockey team anymore.
In spite of it's flaws being downtown hasn't hurt the Braves. The site of the hockey arena wasn't a factor as far as attendance was concerned for it's first two pro teams. I think people who use this excuse run the risk of coming across as racist.

Now granted, downtown Atlanta could use a facelift and a shot in the arm. When fans leave the Bridge in Nashville, they're offered a plethora of choices with regard to music, dinning, or drinking. When fans leave Phillips arena all the see are parking lots and a big park filled with winos and homeless people. The sad fact is, this team failed because of their owners. Thrasher fans could have had the French Quarter waiting for them when they left the game and the team would still be gone.

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