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03-06-2012, 10:06 AM
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What I have found in all sports is that we always feel we have less time to make a play than we really do. There is usually a moment when you receive the puck (or ball, in other sports) when you basically have the game all to yourself. In that moment, your brain has to be working clearly and quickly... your focus has to be on the options in front of you. But most of us naturally want to focus on the defense and experience a split-second of panic.

Try working on holding the puck until it's slightly uncomfortable before you pass. This doesn't even need to be in a game or practice, just when you're messing around with your friends. Force your brain to slow down a bit and process things other than defenders. Try playing little games like 2-on-1 keepaway, which develop good decision-making habits.

It's all in your head! Good luck.

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