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03-06-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
When he's ready to play, he plays. Period. End of story.

Habs officially cross into bush league status if they're keeping healthy guys out of the lineup in an effort to tank. That would reek of 1984 Pittsburgh Penguins inexplicably bringing up ECHL goalies to help secure Lemieux, or Ottawa losing on purpose to get Daigle. You don't try to lose. You ice the best possible lineup out of your group of available players and go from there. If you lose anyway, then "good". But you don't ice an inferior lineup on purpose. You just don't.

PG should have blown it up more and traded a few more guys to stockpile picks and "help" with the tank, but it's too late for that now.

For the guys whining that we should tell Markov he has to sit out another 10 games once he's ready to go, why stop there? Why not start Budaj every game from here on out? If Budaj plays well, call up Lawson from Hamilton and start him in every game. Why not send down Eller and call up Conboy to centre the 3rd line? Why not make DD play defense? The PP is looking better these days, time to fire Randy C and make Larry Carriere the full time head coach!

If you're gonna stoop to bush league nonsense like keeping your best defenseman out of the lineup longer than he needs to be, then go all in. Make yourselves look like even more of a joke of a franchise. Go out and lose that last scrap of dignity and respect that you have left. Piss off all of your remaining good players who actually bust their buts every game trying to win.

Look, anyone who wants Markov out longer than necessary, give your head a shake. That's freaking disgraceful. You might not be embarassed by that but the entire team would be. This guy needs to get back in the lineup and play as much as possible, once he's ready. That's far more important than slightly increasing the chances of getting a #3 pick instead of a # 4. For all we know, if Montreal did make Markov sit and ended up picking #3, the #4 guy might end up being better anyway.
This is a fantastic post which I agree with 100%. This is the Montreal Canadiens. The greatest hockey franchise of all time. Have some ****ing pride

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