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03-06-2012, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Miguel Sanchez View Post
This is a fantastic post which I agree with 100%. This is the Montreal Canadiens. The greatest hockey franchise of all time. Have some ****ing pride
Pride? That's hilarious.

Where has this pride been for the last decade and a half? We've got guys being drafted now who weren't born the last time we won a freakin' cup. Most of the players in the league only know us as also rans at this point. We're currently sitting in last place. Does finishing in third last make it better? No. It just screws up the draft pick for us.

There's nothing shameful in holding out an injured player a little longer and being cautious with him. Nobody is advocating that we tell players to tank games or lose on purpose. But it makes no sense to bring back Markov early in a lost season where beating lower tier clubs (that we're scheduled to play) hurts us.

Let him continue his rehab. Bring him back with 5 games to go. Let him play in the Worlds... that makes a lot more sense.

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