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Originally Posted by mikeandI View Post
heys guys, why do media polls matter at this time of the year? does the CIS use the final number 1 in the top ten as the number one seed for the tournament? if they do shame...shouldn't it be the number 1 team(division) at the end of reg season? thus top ten frozen after league play
then the AUS is at the pole and 2,3 both division winners, 45 6(#3 OUA ) are slotted in as per what ever I read earlier about only 2 conferences in one pool if there are three friggin OUA teams in there.
can some of you fine gentlemen explain that to me, as i sit here with my tan and no bison friggin hockey to watch shucks
True, right now the CIS Top 10 carries no more weight than a talking point, but the last one, after the conference playoffs are finished, does matter. Each of the conference winners are SEEDED at Nationals based on their rankings in the last poll. That's how you work out which of the two pools has to have two conference champs in it while the other gets one.

The pools shall be seeded as follows:
1. The three (3) Sport Conference champions will be seeded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based on their respective team national ranking in the final Top Ten of the season.
2. Pool A will have the #1 seed. Pool B will consist of #2 and #3.
3. The remaining three qualifying teams will be assigned as per 4.2.2 Pool Structure.
Since the wildcard rotates to the OUA this season, and they have three participating teams, we use Option B for pool structure.

If there are three teams from one conference then the 3rd place team is in Pool A and geography determines the final two placings. For example: If AUS had three (3) representatives and CWUAA was #1, OUA (E) was #2 and AUS was #3 the pools would be as follows:
Pool A Pool B
OUA (W) AUS #1
AUS #3 AUS #2
In other words, if the final rankings are the same as today, and UNB wins AUS championship, they get Seeding #1. McGill is already OUA-east champ, so they're in. If they beat Western they'd get the #2 seed based on their #2 ranking. If Western wins, and rankings don't change, they'd still get #2 seed because whoever wins Canada West is ranked lower than both OUA teams. Right now, whoever wins Canada West can not get higher than the #3 seed due to their ranking. However, if Sask or Calgary were to move up in the final rankings (highly doubtful now the way the rankings have gone) and win Canada West, they could get the #2 seed.

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