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Originally Posted by Reed Solomon View Post
Depends how old she is, really I mean, they used to have trains that went everywhere. Kenora was a huge train destination as well. I guess its dangerous and expensive. Too bad, it'd be nice to have. I know there's a train that goes on a different route.. The Prairie Dog Central train goes down to Warren, MB. And stops at Gross Isle where you can go to the (spooky) doll museum.

Still, it's too bad the PDC goes the opposite way from Grand Beach. If that was the final destination, they'd maybe have better ridership.

The problem with Grand Beach for tourists is that you have to drive two hours to get there, which is a pain.

Hey, I just remembered, April is around the time the snake pits at narcisse are active! I love going there.
Narcisse is a good idea if you want to venture out of's something pretty unique. Writhing balls of mating snakes - who isn't into that?!?

Also active in April: the Floodway. Shouldn't be too much to see this year, though.

Manitoba Museum is really good - the Nonsuch is very cool. They've freshened up some of the exhibits there recently, so definitely check it out if that's your bag.

The Zoo is a bit of a mess right now. It's going to be a while before that Polar Bear exhibit is done. The baby tigers are a big hit and might be worth the trip. Also, BEHOLD OUR CAPYBARAS AND DESPAIR! They're at the Toucan Ridge/Tropical House.

The Forks has the newly renovated Children's Museum, if you've got kids age 3-12. And if the river is high, that's a good place to take a look. Unfortunately, I don't think the water taxis or any of the riverboats are running in April.

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