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Originally Posted by Shea Weber View Post
I love this thread.

Question for Habs fans,

How often will you (if at all) get full coverage of Preds games on TV....or are you going to resort to internet links, etc? I imagine there is an NHL package for all the games like there is in the states, hell it might be the exact same thing (Center Ice, I believe?). Just wondering the difference in NHL coverage up there as it is certainly more than in Tennessee. I am addicted to NHL network and love that NBC sports has games seemingly every night now, but that's about all we get. I imagine you can catch highlights of all games on TSN if nothing else?

Just thinking how if our roles were reversed it would be nearly impossible to watch a Canadian teams games without paying for Center Ice other than catching the random National game.

I can't stand ESPN, especially this time of year (basketball, basketball, basketb...zzzzzzz). I would love having your TV stations down here. Much better options for puckheads.

The TV coverage of the NHL "up here" in England has been pretty c**p for the last few years

As far as the news coverage of the NHL, the last time I saw hockey on there was 4am the night Crosby came back this season. Before that, it was when Gretzky retired. There is hockey shown on at least one subscription channel over here, but I don't have that. There used to be one or two NHL games a week on a free to air channel a few years back but that channel has long since ceased showing sports in their late night slots in favour of betting shows and shopping channel type stuff through the night.

For the last few years, I've relied on an online subscription to watch the NHL from Europe. This year it switched to the full NHL Gamecenter Live package but before this year, a simpler version with less features was available through ESPN. Both offer(ed) all games live and full game archive. The extra features on GCL make it way better than the ESPN service though.

As a result, I've had access to Nashville games whenever I've wanted for the last few years and every now and again, I'd tune in for a game. I like the Nashville broadcast team, they are one of the better ones I've found for Western Conference games. In fact, the Central division is probably the best Western division for team specific broadcasts IMO with only Columbus leaving me somewhat underwhelmed. Detroit and Chicago feeds are good but have a couple of issues. I'd rank the Preds 2nd behind the Blues in the Central and also behind Colorado for the West (from the feeds I'm familiar with).

I'm not so fond of Canadian braodcasters covering Habs game in most cases. TSN Habs is the best of the bunch, otherwise those feeds seem to side against the Habs somewhat, no matter who the opponent. Otherwise, they'll talk positively about some of the Habs but never say a good word about others, you can sense a certain amount of favouritism from them. That said, I'd love more readily available hockey coverage over here, as in Canada. Maybe one day we'll get NHL games or highlights on free to air TV once again, but that would be a best case scenario. There is no depth of failure low enough to respresent how bad ratings would be over here for the NHL entry draft if it were on TV, for example. The coverage of that event would probably be extremely funny to watch though, with nobody knowing who, what, when, where, why or how. Although from what I've heard, it may still compare favourably to RDS draft coverage

Thankfully the internet is what it is these days. Before it, you'd have to wait 48 hours to find results in a newspaper (if they bothered to print them) and your best bet for finding out about rosters and the like was each year when a new NHL game would come out. There have been magazines and the odd mention of the sport on radio shows but you couldn't rely on either existing when or where you wanted it. If the 10 year old me knew then, how easy it would be to watch games live in HD, find out info about the team and discuss the Habs and the sport of hockey so easily, I'd have overdosed on adrenaline

Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
I'm seeing all 3 in your earlier post, don't know what the issue is on your end.
Thanks. Good to know it's working for someone. Sometimes works for me when I open the page fresh but the white one seems to hide every time I refresh the page and sometimes from fresh. Either way, if it works for everyone else, it's not much of a problem.

Originally Posted by Godzilla View Post
Tonight, I will be listening to the Nashville game on the radio and watching the Habs game on TV. The way its been going lately for Montreal, I would prefer the opposite.
Haha, reminds me of when I used to do write ups of Bulldogs games on this site. When the Habs and Dogs games clashed, I put both on in different windows and tried to watch both. Finding time between both games to write up what I'd seen ASAP was a b**** though. Intermissions were never long enough and if the games started with a 30 minute time difference, well... grrrr.

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