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11-14-2003, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by DRL
where does everyone assume i said "make a move right now"?

i said lacroix should be thinking of making a move soon NOT now, and the point of this thread is to find out when everyone thinks lacroix will make a move, which so far no one has answered
In your original post

"i am hoping lacroix acquires that goalie soon, because no matter any avs fan tells you, the avs goaltending has NOT been strong enough for a contending team and if they want their divison and highest seed possible it's time to acquire that starting golatender, NOW!"

It's not much of an assumption on my part, when you outright state your opinion. All I did was read the thread.

Can I ask a question? How many points have Burke, or Kolzig stolen so far this season? They both are playing MUCH worse that either DA or PS.

And for the guy who said it'd be nice to get them for Aebischer or Sauve + ? (Worrell) I think your WAY underestimating what it would take to add one of those guys. (I may be wrong if WASH or PHO is desperate to move salary).

I will say it again. Any time the Av's lose, you blame it on the goalie, based on the talent the team can put on the ice. And again, I will say that for most of the games that I've seen, I haven't been real impressed with the Av's. They do play some games where the come and and smoke their opponent, but just as often they sleepwalk through 40+ minutes of the game. play 20 solid minutes and expect to win.

You keep talking about the talent of the Av's not giving up points to bad teams like the Sabres & Coyotes. Hate to say it, but this is the new NHL, where effort is worth more than talent. Look at the play-off's last year - how many of MINN's players would of made the Av's line-up? Very few IMO, but the Av's were bounced (with Roy in net) and the Wild played in the WCF.

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