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02-04-2006, 07:27 AM
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Nice thread. Man, i too an 23 years old... to be 24 next tuesday. I am wanting to learn to play hockey as it is a great sport. I used to aggresive inline but havent been on a pair of inlines in about 3 years. But for my B-day my fiancee has gotten me a pair of skates that i had wanted. The 06' Mission 5500's. THEY ARE SITTING IN HER CAR AND ITS KILLING ME!

Anyway... good luck. I found that years ago ice skating is alot like rollerblading. Once you get on the ice it feels very diffrent, but after you get comfortable and make a few adjustments youll be able to aply the concepts of blading to ice skating.
By the way, anyone here ever aggro skate, and how similar would the royale trick be to a hopckey stop???? Im guessing very similar beingt hat they are goth gliding movement that require balance. Im really hoping to jump on ice skates on day and bust out a hardcore hockey stop on the first try!

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