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03-06-2012, 03:42 PM
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i don't get it,, how can you guys sit here and say this about the 94 team? Everybody has a short memory how messier TOTALLY DISSED US for tne canucks, sorry that still pisses me off till this day,, money or not he was the KING of the city and he blew us off for more money, That team had 5 home grown players, leetch,ricky,potsie,kovy and the sarge, it was a team of mercenaries,, I can die in peace for 94 BUT we finally have a home grown talented team,, what the hell did we do after 94 ,, close to nothing and before that close to nothing,, also to say who came and went ,MEssier had alot to do with it , for ***** sake 1/2 the team was ex oilers,,, come on ,, has richter ever won the veznia? hanks on the way to being the GREATEST goalie in the history of this franchise.
I understand if we dont win the cup my point is invalid but jeez give it time, this team is on pace to have more wins and points then the 94 team, no? don't get me wrong I lived in the city in 94 , i was 24 yrs old, I love that team, hall of fame players , but one played most of his career in canada, NO MORE 1940 thanks to that team but Im sorry , I love this youthful homegrown foundation that has been built and has come along ALOT quicker than any of us could EVeR imagine.
Now get the daggers out

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