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02-04-2006, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Pred303
this is a confusing move, the timing and all...could mean one of several things...

1)legwand is almost ready to be activated, forcing a roster move
2)that waiving stevenson is an attempt to hold on to fiddler for a while longer, while they try to work some sort of deal with some other team so they don't lose him for nothing... if this is the case we won't see tootoo recalled right now, but instead will see the roster remain at 22 active and legwand on a rehab assignment being the 23rd roster player
3)that tootoo is going to be recalled and this move has nothing to do with legwand being almost ready to return.. and that another move will have to happen when legwand is activated (ie fiddler dealt or sent down thru waivers)
4)that another deal is imminent involving several players and this waiving of stevenson is to free up roster room for players coming our way
Those are all legitimate possiblities 303.

The thing that I worry about with this move is that if Tootoo is NOT recalled, it would seem that Trotz/Poile are inviting the Avery's and Barnaby's of this world to have their way with running our players....Hordi could be injured or receive a game misconduct and it is going to leave us very vulnerable to cheap shot artists.....and say Hordi does get injured, who would we call up?....Yablonski? least Stevenson was a fairly respected middleweight and would throw down whenever needed that could actually skate.
I just don't think Allison is enough insurance, as... I hate playing 7 dmen and he is too much of a liability to play in the 6th spot and only log 6-8 minutes.

Our lack of physicality has been glaring at time.....I just don't see any scenario that Tootoo is not up here in Stevie's absence.

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