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03-06-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by washman View Post
Because he's been here for 4 games. Over his career Vanhack has 4 years of suck. He's a 7 millon dollar inconsistent marshmellow who goes into depression everytime he misses the net with his "elite shot". And just think these are his "cheap" years. He is the perfect example of the rotten core that Regier coddles and refuses to do anything about.
If a third or forth liner was as inconsistent as Vanhack for a couple of shifts he'd be getting flamed here ,in the media, and "in Lindy's doghouse" for a month.

Why has Vanhack gotten a pass for taking months off?
he was dominant the first half of the season. not sure what's up with him now, whether it's injuries, ruff being stupid, or pure lack of effort, but to attack the guy like that is comical. he's a great player who's gotten the **** end of every stick possible since 2007. his delusional coach hates him, he's never played with a center who can feed him the puck, and has gotten a handful of untimely, bad injuries.

he's been bad lately, but the hyperbole is ridiculous.

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