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03-06-2012, 07:22 PM
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I'm going to ignore the discussion about your talent level vs. his and focus on what I see as the principal issue:

You're in a league that does not allow fighting, and you have some beer-league hero challenging you to fight. And by not doing so, he calls you a *****.

As 1st Grade as this sounds, just ignore him. Beer league scraps are simply not worth it. Continue to beat him on the scoreboard, drive him nuts that way. If he continues to lose his temper, he will eventually run out of rope with the league and get suspended and/or banned. If his threats start to carry over off the ice, report it to both the league and the police.

Giving him what he wants (i.e.--the chance to beat your face in and potentially severely injure you in the process, while also hurting your team as you would receive a suspension) doesn't serve anyone any good.

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