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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
This is all so clearly ridiculous as Gomer's Corsi and various other puck possession stats clearly indicate that he will return to being a 60 point producer once his shooting percentage and his on ice save percentage regress to the mean.
I'm wasting my time, but hey, just for fun.

You know what's the funniest thing? His on-ice shooting percentage actually DID regress to the mean exactly as predicted. His on-ice save percentage actually cratered though (it was equal to Plekanec's last year) but under Martin, the Habs didn't score fewer goals 5-on-5 than they did with, say, Plekanec instead.

So why no 60 points? Well, the Corsi-based analysis failed to predict that he'd get hurt three times, that the PP would bomb, and that the coach would design a system that's explicitly designed to forego the greatest strength of his game (carrying the puck through the neutral zone), and use him as a winger before demoting him to the fourth line. And using him more on the PP (where he's never been great before) than at ES (which has always been his strength) in a dysfunctional system that's killing everyone's 5-on-5.

He is really not doing well under Cunneyworth. Now, all the Habs are hurting under RC, but Gomez has done especially poorly, part which should be laid at the feet of the player... but only part.

As for the story, I don't believe it for a second. For one thing I don't think the Habs intended to get rid of Gomez at all, unless they managed to sign Brad Richards. For another, Gomez can specify three teams he does not want to be traded to. I suppose the Islanders are dysfunctional enough that they could conceivably be on that list, but still...

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