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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
I know, that's why I wasn't being serious.

There's been like 5 threads started about Kopitar in the past few weeks. People are overreacting to his mediocre play. It's like he's not appreciated, and some are eager to bash him. I think it's part human nature; people overvalue what others have, and under appreciate what they already have.

Here's some streaks from this season alone:
Zetterburg 1 goal in 23 games
M. Richards 1 goal in 30 games
Bergeron 2 goals in 17 games
Vanek 2 goals in 18 games
Giroux 1 goal in 16 games
B. Richards 3 goals in 25 games
E. Kane 3 goals in 20 games
Weiss 2 goals in 31 games
E. Staal 1 goal in 20
MSL 0 goals in 13 games, 1 goal in 14 games
Ovechkin 1 goal in 12 games
P. kane 2 goals in 20 games
Briere 0 goals in 19 games
Doan 3 goals in 23 games
J. Thornton 4 goals in 33 games
Tavares 1 goal in 15 games
M. Hossa 3 goals in 18 games
Datsyuk 1 goal in 15 games, 2 goals in 19 games
Getzlaf 1 goal in 25 games
H. Sedin 2 goals in 24 games

Good players, great players even, go through funks and even bad seasons. Remember Backstrom last year? Look at Kesler this season vs the previous season. There are many more examples.

People are just being unrealistic about Kopitar and every fan base does it. Individuals have a hard time being objective when it comes to their own players.
Counter arguments are:
- They care, Kopitar doesn't
- They play the right way, they are just unlucky. Everyone has been telling Kopitar how he needs to play, but he doesn't listen.
- They try, Kopitar doesn't, he just floats.
- They use "I" in every statement they make, Kopitar talks about team too much. It means that Kopitar doesn't take responsibity, no personal accountability.
- Most of them haven't been benched for 3 minutes, like Kopitar has been. If coach says they suck, they suck.
- Dionne hasn't called them out. Dionne knows a thing or two about hockey.

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