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03-06-2012, 08:21 PM
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We have seen this team in the 5 seasons Briere and Drury have been gone and we constantly seem to go back and forth on the team's leadership. The current core doesn't seem to have it.

Ruff could be blamed to an extent for this vacuum, but ultimately in my mind, it comes down to the players on the ice finding "it", and finding the "will to win".

Vanek and Pominville, while good players, are not elite, and don't seem to have the characteristics to lead this team on a deep playoff run. Roy and Stafford are definitely not it. Miller has been vocal with the team it seems, but a goalie isn't usually team captain, and may have even alienated the team after the Lucic affair. Myers may eventually become that player, but it remains to be seen. Same goes for Hodgson.

In my opinion, they need a guy (like when they brought in Drury) who can almost teach the guys how to win and have that winning attitude and work ethic, and go hard at it every night. They tried to do that with the Rivet experiment, which failed pretty miserably.

That being said, A) do you see any guys on the current roster, or within the organization, who could develop into that player? and B) If not, maybe a few suggestions as to who you could see Regier attempting to acquire if he feels the need to add in that department, with players like Roy & Stafford likely on the chopping block along with our 2 1st's and 2 2nd's.

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