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11-14-2003, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Der Schweinehund
Here we will disagree - big surprise. My issue is that Edzo hasn't brought what he said he would. Where is that hustle? Where is that system? Where is that aggressive forecheck? They aren't executing in any form. There is certainly a case to be made that non-execution is a player thing, not a coach thing.

However, I counter that with the fact his 'system' and techniques, particularly around line composition/juggling are not conducive to building a system. Let these guys play together for two, three, four games in a row and then build on it.
And I was just going to say that maybe after the 9 - 0 pasting there should be more line juggling. Or a least a significant benching.

I am not advocating the guillotine at this point, rather the fact that any leeway we may have be giving him must be lifted. He does deserve two or three months more at least, but there needs to be demonstrable increases in the overall cohesion, responsiveness and hustle of this team. There is no excuse for a team to play as flat as they do. They don't have to win - just make some bloody effort (especially after you have been embarrassed).
With that I agree wholeheartedly. And the guillotine was a little over kill by me. What amazes me the most about Edzo . . . is that he gives Abid, Bradley and Holtzinger playing time over what was sent down and who is benched. These three plus Buchberger and McKenna haven't done a thing to merit playing time over any other player in the system yet they play game after game. And have on the top three lines.
I asked everyone who claim that Bradley is a good player to come forward and explain how they deduced that . . . so far no one that claim he was has stepped up to the plate. Same goes for Abid. If he doesn't turn it up then his sitting out out Colorado drafted him and holding out this year is a sham. I think it might be known (in the future) as a Laukkanen.

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