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02-04-2006, 03:43 PM
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Pessimism or Realism?

I was going back through the archives here trying to find a link to the article where Dt was discussing contract extensions for the coaching staff (haven't found it yet), but I came upon this thread I started on October 4, 2005 - before the first game of the season.

The thread is closed now, but I think it's worthy of reevaluation, so here's a link to it and a cut & paste of my original post:

Why the Kings won't win anything with Andy Murray at the helm

This is the reason why the Kings won't win anything with Andy Murray at the helm:

"If there's a concern I have, it's making sure we maintain the same work ethic and level of determination that we've always had," Murray said. "We've got some players with more skill, but hard work beats skill when skill doesn't work. We've got to make sure our skill is working."

It's all about system over skill. It works very well for a new team, a team that has players called up after injuries to the regular roster, a team put together in a short period of time for a tournament - it allows those teams to be competitive immediately. It allowed the Kings to be competitive even with tons of injuries.

"Competitive" puts butts in the seats - it doesn't put banners in the rafters.

The downside is that it won't work long-term because, given enough time, good coaches will develop a strategy to shut down the system. AM says "hard work beats skill when skill doesn't work" - but what happens when hard work doesn't work? You better have players with superior skills and the confidence AND FREEDOM to improvise with those skills.

My prediction: The Kings will start strong for the first 20-25 games, then slowly slide out of the playoff picture in the final week.

Many will point to the result, saying "What a great job! We barely missed the playoffs, but (insert this year's excuse here)".

......but we'll know the real reason for the result.

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