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I posted this in a trade thread regarding Vanek but think it is somewhat relevant in regards to helping assess Kopitars true value.

It isn't perfect but it is a starting point.

I have to disagree with your premise that Kopitar is a middle of the road center. He is always in or right at the top ten in scoring among centers in the league and typically among the better of them in +/- as well.

He has done this with some less than NHL caliber wings to play with and even less talented 2nd/3rd line players to support what he was trying to accomplish as well.

Here are the past few seasons stats for centers and at the end I will include the current season as well even though the *entire* Kings team is having well below average years when it comes to scoring.


1. H Sedin 112pts +35
2. Crosby 109pts +15
3. Backstrom 101pts +37
4. Stamkos 95pts -2 *
5. BRichards 91pts -12*
6. JThornton 89pts +17
7 Kopitar 81pts +6
8. PStasny 79pts +2
9. Malkin 77pts -6*
10. Kesler 75 +1

* denotes a minus stat.


1. H Sedin 94pts +26
2. Stamkos 91pts +3
3. BRichards 77pts +1
4. EStaal 76pts -10
5. Toews 76pts +25
6. Getzlaf 76pts +14
7. Kesler 73pts +24
8. Kopitar 73pts +25
9. Ribiero 71pts -4*
10. JThornton 70pts +4


1. Malkin 81pts +12
2. Stamkos 80pts +8
3. Spezza 72pts +4
4 H Sedin 66pts +21
5. Tavares 63pts -2*
6. Elias 61pts -7*
7 Datsyuk 59pts +18
8.JThornton 59pts +15
9. EStaal 58pts -13*
10. Toews 57pts +17
(11.) Kopitar 55pts +4

So in the past three seasons including this current one where Kopitar and the entire Kings team is having a terrible season where everyone is below average in scoring Kopitar is still right there within reach of the top ten among centers yet again with 17 games left to play.

My money is on him (AK) to finish in the top ten among centers in scoring along with being a plus player. He has had to carry the team from time to time and again, no one is saying that he has had a great season but even during a terrible season for AK he is still right there among the best ten centers in the game.

Even then it seems like you are completely over ranking Vanek (one of my favorite players) in regards to his trade value for Kopitar.

Over the past 3 seasons (including this one) Vanek has produced the following.


22nd overall among LW's in scoring with 53 pts
13th overall in total goals scored among LW's w/28.
33rd overall in assists among LW's with 25.
18th among LW's in +/- among LW's with +9


5th overall in scoring among LW's with 73pts.
6th in goals scored among LW's w/32.
6th in assists among LW's with 41.
57th in +/- with a +2


18th among LW's in scoring with 47pts.
19th in goals among LW's with 22.
22nd among LW's in assists with 25.
147th among LW's in +/- w -6.

Now I am not saying that the stats are complete proof that Vanek isn't one of the best LW's in game because we all know that simply isn't the truth but, it does show that he isn't consistently among the top 8 in the game like Kopitar is at center.

More to the point would be this, Kopitar at $6.4m per and having just recently turned 24 is a much better deal and producer in every area for the Kings then Vanek is at this point.

Like I said, Vanek is one of my favorite players and I would love to have him on the Kings but there would have to be allot added to him for me to move Kopitar for him. Not Pommer but something significant for certain.

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