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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Yup. But if you look at other variables maybe it's not as clear cut. He's never been a 30g scorer so that's one thing. He's also super-streaky which affects PPG pace.

See I was following you until the last statement "terrible management".

Firstly, it was shown time and time again that there is no such thing as "showcasing" a player you weren't going to play in the first place. No one does it in the way HFboarders think. Teams expose players coming off injury sometimes - like Moen for that one game - but that's it.

Secondly, why sell off a player early in the season when you still have a chance at the playoffs? How is it terrible management to sell only when the playoffs are out of consideration?

Thirdly, AKost has shown time and time again to be ridiculously over-hyped, over-valued and over-used. Maybe he pulls it together, maybe not. He's 27, he's not a kid anymore. He's running out of excuses too.
I think most of us, we label him as a 20 goals scorer... and we all know with a bit of stability, he will give us 20 goals. Its the haters that think he's a 30-40 goals scorer so they bash him for not being able to score 40.

Now that he is out of the city, lets see how he will do. So far so good for him in Nashville.

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