Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose 5-4
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03-07-2012, 12:16 AM
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why do poeple imply that RC was chosen. it was more like "insert assistant coach here". whoever our assistant was, he would have been hired as interim. that is what many teams often do. randy was that guy. they don't believe in him or anything, too much damage was done aside from coaching to go out and get a full time replacement in the middle of the season like that so they just went with that instead of stirring the pot even more with the story of who they'd hire and would the be french enough. the ship sunk on its own anyway, but it would have been too much going on. he has some good attributes, but in general half of his decisions are on the poorer side in terms of some lines and pairings and asset management. ie, he's an assistant coach.

i still don't get what it so hard about using people in their optimal situations. virtually any member on here has posted far better concepts of matching and who to use and who not to use in the last 5 minutes of a game, who to use on PP ect....why that logic is so damn hard to grasp for every coach we've had recently, is beyond me. it's so ****in simple too. in fact getting that much right is seemingly the most basic aspect of being a coach, why can't anyone get it right for a change.

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