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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I've always felt a little more comfortable on the off side playing defense.

The only thing I've really found easier on the on-side was moving the puck after immediately digging it out from the boards.

Everything else (breakout passes, one-timers, getting stick in lane) feels easier on the off-side (playing RD as a left shot). It's strange because on fwd I'm most comfortable at LW/C, but on D I struggle when I'm not on the right side.
I couldn't agree with you more. The biggest challenge for me is when we are on the PK or in our own zone and I want to move the puck up the ice quickly. Its much more challenging to dig the puck out on your backhand and make a good pass to the forwards when you are battling with someone. When you have time and space though, I have no problem and making I prefer making a bank pass off the boards on the 'offwing'. The other one that gives me some trouble is when my partner is reversing the puck around the net in our own zone. I usually receive the pass from the right side on my forehand and if I need to go left and onto my backhand I find myself in a position where the puck is exposed with a straight lane to the net.

I guess I was more curious to hear any tricks anyone who regularly plays the off-wing does to quickly and efficiently receive passes, dig pucks and make a forehand play rather than a backhand play.

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