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03-07-2012, 05:11 AM
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Going with him is definitely an option on this caveat:

- it always hurts more the next morning.

I been in a good few scraps in my younger days either playing hockey or lacrosse or on the "street".

It's rarely as bad as it seems once its over. You may get a few bruises/broken nose but it's not really a huge deal.

Having said that if you get suspended for fighting etc it may not be worth it then.

Once you've stood up to him chances are he will back down especially if you surprise the loudmouth by beating his ass.

He senses your fear and is leveraging that against you. He's taking cheapshots against you because he knows you won't do anything.

Standing up to him is maybe all you'll need to do.

As an example when I played Intermediate A lacrosse we had just finished a spirited game against a team I hated because they were such **** talkers.

When the game was over the respective teams were leaving one at a time through the gate I decided to hang back after my team left and walked in between the other team.

3 guys behind me were talking loud enough for me to hear saying "let's dummy this guy" etc etc.

So I turned around and said "ok let's go".

They immediately said "wait well get our goalie" who was their biggest guy.

More chirping ensued and that's all. But they didn't **** with me after that.

Or you could take a page our of Pavel Bures book and YouTube Bures elbow on Churla. Churla had been excessively cheapshotting him kinda like how you story sounds. Bure elbowed the **** out of Churla. Cheap yes but Churla never ****ed with him again.

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