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03-07-2012, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Phunhog View Post
Even if it's a clean hit, why the hell didnt go after Kronwall right away. I was at the game and was a little let down that there wasn't immediate retaliation. just saying.
I'm not commenting on the Hit specifically, but in a general sense, why whould players who dish out big hard CLEAN hits expected to have to fight right after?

Thats becoming a problem in the NHL, you can't hit anyone hard without the fans wanting a penalty and the opposing team trying to goon squad you.

As for the Kronwall hit, the first point of contact is the face. Judging from Shanny's videos to date, people havent been suspended for hits to the head when the initial point of contact was the shoulder, chest etc. It'll be interesting to see how he views this one as it was a direct hit to the face.

I have no idea how some of Knonwalls hits have not gone punished. He has many big hard clean hits, but just as many dirty hits to the head and is a blatant head hunter.

IMO his hit on Briere was clean, this hit however

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