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03-07-2012, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I think you're terribly shortsighted if you don't think we should test our number 1 dman before retooling this summer.

Tank nation is pathetic but we've come to embrace it because it's like saying "well I know I didn't win anything in the gameshow but I might get the ~MysteryBox~".

Markov is a key cog which we haven't had in two years. He needs to be at a 100% if we want to do well (ie. NOT MEDIOCRE) in the coming years. How can the GM organize his team after this disasterous year with another giant question mark in place of #1 D-man?

You and the Lafleurs and the rest of your ilk chose to ignore what a stable, consistent organization can accomplish. I look at the Islanders, Jackets and Panthers and shake my head, you guys gloss over it and think they don't exist.
Black is white, white is black blah blah blah.

Those that want a careful, full recovery to ensure that Markov is healthy 1,2 3 or more years down the road are in your estimation "short sighted" ? wow.

The people that demand to see if Markov can skate, hit, be the player he once was (he isn't) and are going to have tantrums until they see it now! now! now! are the ones with vision? Are you nuts ?

Markov is not replaceable and not tradeable. The team is going to live or die with this contract, and as such the team needs to take great care getting Markov back. slowly.

The urgency of the playoffs is over. The urgency of getting a good new player to help the rebuild is it's top priority now.

your personal evaluation of his abilities after 2 years of absence is irrelevent, Markov's greatest contribution to the team now is that he is healthy and contributing if and when the team turns around.

As for your beef with "Tank Nation" take your history lesson from 2001 and then realize that there are people that have another point of view that is completely justified.

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