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03-07-2012, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Yeah, it's not like he can replace his bilingual coach... with a unilingual guy who's never coached in the NHL.

He assembled a team that was capable of the playoffs. I think folks would grant you this.

However, he wasn't smart about Markov and not having a backup plan. You don't need hindsight for this. So... when it became clear that Markov wasn't coming back it was too late to find anyone so he gets Campioli. Viola... instant AHL defense. Then when this doesn't work he wastes assets, sticks us with Kaberle, makes sideways moves and does very little for the future. It's been a total fiasco and he's responsible for it.
i don't think your timeline is correct at all: markov was supposed to be back a few games into the season until he wasn't. campoli was signed way before 'we' knew there was more complications with markov's knee. and then wait until november and more complications and more complications.

no way campoli was signed to 'replace' markov. he was signed as depth and im pretty sure goat said as much when he signed him.

he figured nothing would go wrong with markov's rehab and that he was only going to miss a few games. he rehabs, apparently too hard and too fast and bam, more complications. but campoli was never signed to 'replace' markov... no one available in the league last year could replace markov.

now, not resigning a minute eater like hammer? then we got something

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